Over the past several years, Miriam Queensen has edited two rather lengthy manuscripts for me that were both published by university presses, as well as several scholarly articles and book chapters.  In my fifty years in higher education and having published over twenty-five books, she has proven to be one of the most competent editors I have ever worked with.  She is highly recommended.

Dr. Jerry Thompson

Jerry Thompson, Regents Professor of History, Texas A&M International University

Miriam’s insights and expertise assisted my company in developing paired exercises for the participants attending our active listening and civil discourse seminars.   With this addition of the paired exercises to our curriculum, Ripple Connects is now in a position to drive new business growth by presenting on national level and regional level.


Joe McKenzie, President, Ripple Connects, Inc.

Miriam has everything you could possibly want in a coach and instructor, including a long track record teaching the concepts of fiction and screenwriting in a way that is clear, understandable, and useful to the student. If you find yourself struggling to stay accountable to yourself with your personal writing goals, hire Miriam as your writing coach immediately. I made more progress in the first months working with Miriam than I did in the year and a half prior on my own.

Andrew Felicilda, Novelist and Screenwriter

Being a person with limited time, energy or money, I am ALWAYS thrilled to work with Miriam, because she gives me such a great return on my investment of all three. When I am stumped, wearing out my delete key, sneaking off into emails when I should be paying attention to that baby I’m trying to birth, Miriam snaps me back to attention with her thorough — if sometimes painful — insights.

Maggie Hood, Screenwriter

Miriam is as prompt and professional as she is meticulous in her proofreading.  She has been, and continues to be, a trusted member of the Bluford Series editorial team!

Breaking Point, Bluford Series by Townsend Press

Promises to Keep, Bluford Series by Townsend Press

Pretty Ugly, Bluford Series by Townsend Press

Eliza Comodromos, Associate Editor, Townsend Press

It was my pleasure to supervise Miriam. She was very detail orientated and efficient in her role as a Senior Editor. She was very effective and insightful in her training of new editors as well. Her communication was clear and professional. She was always willing to help out when needed and went the extra mile to get the job done. She has a friendly, upbeat and approachable demeanor. I would work with Miriam again anytime!

Leah Conrade, Quality Assurance Manager

I’ve taken three writing classes from Miriam, and I can say without hesitation that she is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.  She does such a great job of breaking down a sometimes daunting subject, so that you can master the basics at a very fast pace.  She also knows how to mentor the advanced writer and help them hone their craft.  I look forward to continue working with her on all my projects.

Barb Fowlds, Owner, Merriam Park Acupuncture

Miriam is a smart, insightful and creative writer with a great eye for detail and thoughtful understanding of story and character development. She’s also a patient teacher and a great friend.

Jim Suthers, Screenwriter