Writing – newsletters, outreach and marketing materials, cover letters, essays and blogs, scripts, educational materials, online content.

Editing and proofreading – for creative and literary works such as screenplays, novels, stories and essays;  academic materials, including tests and teacher training manuals; business writing, including cover letters and resumes, job descriptions/postings, outreach materials, newsletters, policy and procedure manuals; online and print marketing content.

Script doctoring – helping your screenplay make the most impact, whether on a big-picture level (plot and structure) or in the details (dialogue, description, formatting). Includes work on synopses and loglines for marketing purposes.

Teaching/Creative Coaching – I would love to help you, your organization, or your writer’s group learn new techniques and approaches for improving your written expression, whatever your goal!

I work with individuals to keep them on track with writing tasks and to help overcome writer’s block, as well as developing unique exercises and practices to enhance creative writing, at whatever level.

If you’re a teacher, I have also collaborated with teachers and leaders of workshops and classes to increase the interactive component of whatever subject they are teaching – by coming up with “learn, pair, share” exercises and creative approaches to introducing subject matter for any size audience.